Who We Are

My Project is a community based, not for profit organisation. We work with children, young people and their parents or guardians and are supported by a number of funders. We are a company limited by guarantee with charitable status and we have a voluntary Board of Directors with a range of expertise across key areas such as accountancy, finance and governance.

We work in partnership with families and other professionals within the community with the welfare and wellbeing of children, young people and parents at the heart of everything we do. We welcome contact from parents/guardians seeking supports and we accept referrals from other professionals in services such as Schools, Medical GP, Mental Health Services, Public Health Nurses, Addiction Services and many other support services.

We focus on the family’s needs and encourage engagement from a strengths based perspective with the wants, needs and wishes of the family being central to any support planning. There is a clear focus on wellness, wellbeing and relationship development in encouraging a more positive and healthy home environment for children, young people and their parents or guardians. Families are supported to strengthen their support networks and to build on individual problem solving, resilience and effective coping skills.

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