Services for Young People

One to One Support

This is a process based on personal interaction and positive relationships to support a young person in developing personal strengths and skills. One to one interventions aim to encourage the growth of individual competencies in order to improve overall wellbeing and to reinforce positive mental health. Increased personal capacity can support the young person in addressing and resolving unhelpful behaviours, thoughts and beliefs, increasing recognition and management of feelings, relationships and social skills.

Substance Misuse Support

Support aims to help young people to reduce or stop the use of alcohol and other substance use. Young people are encouraged to access social, family and educational supports to achieve and sustain a reduction in harm and recovery. The adolescent community reinforcement approach (A-CRA) is a behavioural treatment for alcohol and other substance misuse. It helps youths, young adults, and families improve access to interpersonal and environmental support to reduce or stop substance use. The goal of A-CRA is to improve or increase access to social, family, and educational/vocational supports for adolescents to achieve and sustain recovery.

The Real U Programme

The REAL U programme (Relationships Explored and Life Uncovered) aims to enhance service delivery to young people in relation to their sexual health. This is a high quality, comprehensive programme that is aimed at young people aged between 12-18 years in a group work setting. The programme has been developed to enable young people to explore issues pertinent to relationships and sexuality. The materials provide accurate information, offer age appropriate activities and are culturally sensitive. The programme provides information to parents on how to communicate to children about relationships and sexuality.

Working Things Out

Working Things Out helps young people build communication and conflict resolution skills to strengthen their relationships within their families, school and community. In addition, it supports young people to identify physical activities that assist them to better manage emotions and promote positive mental health.

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