Services for Chrildren

Services for Children

At My Project… Minding You, we recognise the challenges that many children experience and our aim is to provide effective support and guidance for them to learn how to overcome these challenges in a safe and caring environment. Developing personal strengths and skills will support a child in realising their potential and will work towards bringing about a brighter future.

Services for Youths

Services For Young People

In a world that is shaped by social media, peer influences and many other pressures, it can be difficult for our young people to make real sense of things and to find their way forward. Problems in relationships, difficulties within families and the wider community, issues with substance misuse, body image, relationships and social connections can cause challenges for young people as they work toward maturing to adulthood.

Services for Parents

Services for Parents and Guardians

We provide personalised supports that are purposely created to best meet the needs of parents and guardians looking for help from our service. The overall plan is to support the parent or guardian in building on coping mechanisms to better manage individual and family challenges and to help reduce the levels of stress and anxiety that can become a feature of everyday family life.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

My Project…Minding You is pro active in working with other agencies operating in the community. Collaboration and co-ordination with peer services and participation in policy making discussions is fundamental to ensuring adequate and appropriate services for families in our local area.