Who we are and what we do

MYP is located in Monkstown Farm and has provided a Family Support Service to the DunLaoghaire / Rathdown community since 1998.

A dedicated team of professional project workers offer a broad range of interventions and supports to children, young people, their parents and guardians. We help, guide and encourage a family to function more successfully as a collective and to enhance their coping skills in dealing with life challenges.

The support work provided by our project workers is supported by our Project Manager and Administrator.

The project is funded by Tusla Child & Family Agency and by the HSE through the DLR Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (DATF). This funding provides the means for us to support families who are affected by disadvantage, trauma, separation and substance misuse by building on family strengths and capacity and focusing on improving overall wellbeing and outcomes.

We work as a team to support positive change in the lives of the families we work with and we advocate for families in our community through our engagement with other professional services and our association with statutory bodies.

MyP works in collaboration with schools and professional agencies to deliver a range of evidence based programmes that include:


The PEEP+ Groups (Parenting Early Education Programme) are aimed at those who are feeling isolated and in need of reassurance and support in parenting their child.

Group Theraplay

Theraplay is used for building and enhancing attachment, self-esteem, trust in others, and happy engagement. Sessions focus on four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships Structure, Engagement, Nurture and Challenge.

Non Violent Resistance Parenting Programme

The Non Violent Resistance Programme is a response to child to parent conflict, violence and abuse. The process supports parents to change the ways in which they deal with aggressive and controlling behaviours with a focus on increasing positive communication and improving relationships within the household.

Roots of Empathy

The Roots of Empathy Programme was founded in Canada by Mary Gordon over 25 years ago with a mission to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

Meitheal Process

Meitheal is an old Irish term that describes how neighbours would come together to assist in the saving of crops or other tasks. The Meitheal approach to family support was developed to help children requiring support from more than one service.


The Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach is a behavioural treatment for young people engaged in substance misuse and it’s associated difficulties.

Full details of our work in the past is documented in our annual reports.(insert link to 2022 report here)

To highlight our achievements in 2022:

  • Over 1,200 1:1 sessions in 2022
  • 93 Children, Young People and Parents participated in individual one to one sessions
  • 32 Parents & Babies participated in First Friends Early Parenting Education Group
  • 31 Children participated in Roots of Empathy Programme


MYP is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee (CLG).

We have a board of directors who have significant corporate experience and share skills such as Accounting, Finance, Project Management and knowledge of the Charity Sector. Regular board meetings are held throughout the year with numerous operational controls, policies and procedures in place to support effective governance. Our annual audit was completed in June this year these have been filed with the Companies Office. Our annual report is filed with the Charity Regulator in compliance with the Code of Governance as set out by the Charity Regulator.

A Tusla representative is an observer on the board.

The Ask

In addition to our core funders, Tusla (Child and Family Agency) and DATF (HSE), we are occasionally awarded grant aid from other sources including DLR Co Co and Pobal. Our service operates on a very tight annual budget, making it difficult for us to meet our commitments and to expand on our service.

We are seeking donations from interested parties who would like to get involved in philanthropic endeavours by financially supporting our service and helping to further benefit the wellbeing of families in our community.

If interested, we have an easily accessible Donate option on our website. If you would like for us to provide any additional information, you are welcome to make contact with us:


  • c/o Holy Family National School
    Dunedin Park
    Monkstown Farm
    Co Dublin